Worldwide RecommendationS

HKIMS Ltd has partnered with IHMCo, a UK based Marine Consultancy run by Ieuan (Ian) Dolby, ex Chief Engineer, Principal Surveyor and Expert Witness.

Additionally, HKIMS has partnered with MRG Marine Consultancy Ltd, owned by Mr. Mario Ramirez-Galston in Canada and RJS Marine, run by Mr. Rob Swier in Cape Town, South Africa. Through our team, we hope to provide an international service to our clients whilst keeping costs to a minimum.

From our repsective bases we continue to work closely with each other, to provide peer review of reports, to assist and back-up where double checking is required and to provide phsyical back-up as demand may require.




1. CanadaMRG Marine Consultancy Ltd 

Owned and managed by Mario Ramirez-Galston

Exampled Services: marine technical advice, docking management and consultancy, project management, repair and damage survey, condition inspections, H&M and P&I investigations and attendance.

2. United KingdomIHMCO Marine Survey and Consultancy 

Owned and managed by Ieuan (Ian) Dolby

Exampled Services: marine survey, H&M technical advice, document study and reporting, pre-purchase, condition, risk and docking

3. South AfricaRJS Marine 

Owned and Managed by Rob Swier

Exampled Services: marine salvage survey and consultancy, project management, technical survey and condition inspections, H&M and P&I invesitigations and attendance