Our Company:

Operating out of our base in Hong Kong we are Marine Surveyors and Consultants with strong background in condition, casualty and shipyard surveys, cargo damage surveys, reefer and container damage inspections, pre-purchase and warranty inspections, hatch testing using approved equipment, fire and flooding investigations, and in container stack collapses.

We inspect and survey locally and internationally. After an incident, and because we know the ports and shipyards, the people and the systems we respond promptly and effectively, in order to report on scope and scale of damage and root cause. We  also provide local advice and technical assistance to assist to mitigate costs.

Based close to the border between Hong Kong and China, and near to Hong Kong International Airport we regularly travel to  mainland China, the Philippines, Korea, Taiwan, Japan and Indonesia.

We work very closely with the Insurance Industry, Owners, Managers and Lawyers to provide necessary advise and opinion.



latest news

  • 20th October 2022 .... Hong Kong has relaxed Covid restrictions. We are now able and ready to travel to countries like Taiwan, Philipines, Japan, Korea, Singapore and many others to conduct survey or inspection.
  • 10th August 22 .... We have recently purchased a CYGNUS hatch testing machine. Combined with our previous experiences we now have the capability to conduct full hatch testing for P&I Entry, survey or general condition.
  • 8th May 22 ... We have teamed up with some known local and international partners. We can now offer valued add-on services in an ever-changing business.
  • 19th February 20 ... We are pleased to inform that we are now fully vaccinated against COVID. During every attendance we always ensure that we are wearing full and proper personal safety equipment in order to protect us and our clients at all times.


We are a family run business based in the busy port city of Hong Kong.  We cover the whole of South East Asia!

Steve and Nancy are Owners of HKIMS and are working hard to assist both local and foreign companies with survey work in and around Hong Kong.